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on their behalf. and that's why confine my show larry king now right here on rt question more. eye for decades people i wondered if life on mars is possible. now we may be closer to an answer why there are an essential component of life as we know it may currently be on the red planet. scientists have been keeping a close eye on mars and captured images that could reveal the presence of water. take a look at the flood us now from nasa's mars reconnaissance orbiter they're bringing a lot of questions of the formations are shaped sort of like being there is the happier and disappeared depending on the season. scientists say this could be pretty convincing proof that there is water there and believe it to the sulfate. great news for the hundreds of people planning on going to mars in the next decade. amar is the one mission is offering one way tickets to the red planet and as you'll see there's plenty of takers. i didn't mind because the lady here the judge is going on it's a boy but it didn't go to india. i don't ever buy any furniture. i just find it the board. resourceful. i love going there a
here's larry king and converting about his other sports endeavors. what does this with an honorary captain of the u s curling team. why would go to a different way you know one of the writers came to me in a few years back and she hates me. time to come out and i'm going beyond a few nights is coming when no one was. for now. you know i was open house open to do it. and i really enjoyed it. yes i did enjoy enjoy. it was fort mason goodman curler i'm just your ability to move. i'm only a billion come out with the best plan. if you saw him and all is all meant to use all means you have to be strong you know not to be. you can use in the week. you can be skinny we believe it it doesn't matter is the deadliest war it is a sport that is. it is as old as yet have to bring about the position that those guys even when they take off with style. i mean they're an island in position. you know they can tear their growing make him into the quiet anything so it is i support some tenants oh nine at nine pm on rtm america. at that but for now for more on the stories we cover to go to youtube dot c
parts. and speaking of the tea party tonight politicking with larry king will feature an interview with ralph nader activist and former presidential candidate tonight's episode focuses on the possibility of a third party surgeon politics here's a snippet of what's to come. what do you use the tea party so there are more than one tea party or a guilty party who assemble a small business of professional libertarians. as of today could have been part of this left right coalition that were critical of the patriot act critical of nafta critical of the bloated military budget critical of corporal welfare and bailouts of wall street. but the republican right is an especially in congress or the hijacked it. some think tanks here in jacked it took tl and put in on. extreme corporate is. politicians here in washington. then i think the squad and they resent them back home. among some other carer a tea party people who had more of up of a ron paul libertarian approach. for that and more tuned in and nine pm tonight here on rt america. and welcome to plan a party if jackson said that kepler te
to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is after us and green. here's part of the debate about comics and casting. that led to the jewish so that the mound i disagree with what batman year to play. you gotta remember that the core of that character batman to crazy person that has no powers that in israel which screwed up kid whose parents were killed and one of them who'll week is money and insanity i decided to become a vigilante symbol to combat the detail is perfect christina was great as he claims that are so what's the revenues of four because of this movie is meant to be the idealistic alien humans before all else superman and this is supposed to do the grey is a grizzled whether that man who's been living in gotham fighting crime himself for ten years he's a guy who's older he's a guy who's got more weight than you need a guy that henrik abel superman is going to be actually scared of determined that that man is just a dude he's got no powers to the fact that superman is scared of him says something about robert us the care it is not just because he's willing to pu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4